Make more money from home? You might just be avoiding your real problem

Are you looking to make more money from home? You might just be avoiding your real problem, your income problem.

By Will Mayger in Careers |2020-01-11

Let’s talk about the problem

So, you’re looking to make more money from home in order to increase / supplement your income because you don’t earn enough money in your current situation?

Maybe you feel like it might help buy you what you need, pay for a bill or two, or save a little more each month.

Pretty understandable, but are you sure this is the right path to take for you, or are you just avoiding the real issue?

To actually earn more money from home will most likely require a lot of work, risk, investment, stress, and a lot of time.

Now if you do feel like that is for you, great! You should start looking at how you can build up businesses and side ventures asap.

However I feel for most people that is not ideal and in most cases, there is an underlying issue, so together let’s take a look at the problem again.

I don’t believe that your problem is that you want to “make money from home”. I think your problem is actually much simpler, I think your main problem is that your current income is too low and you may not be enjoying your job.

Before we go on I just want to say making money online, from home, can be great and I am a huge advocate for it. There are many ways to do it but just like anything else, it requires time, effort and money.

Understanding your income and job problem

You might feel like your income is too low, you might feel you are generally a little bored day to day as well and you are probably right.

Your income is probably enough for you to get by and maybe save a small amount of money at the end of each month.

These are all symptoms of working a pretty standard 9 - 5 job that you don’t particularly enjoy or believe in.

It depends on your personality, but for some people 9 - 5 jobs just don’t inspire excitement or motivation, and if so you may be better off looking at starting your own business, something that is yours.

What next?

Now, I am not saying to rush out and quit your job and start a business, we all need to start somewhere and that somewhere is by getting a job.

I believe that most people have a job just to earn money, and whilst it is safe it is certainly not the best nor is it the easiest way to make money.

You should have a job that either improves your skills and helps you progress in what it is you do enjoy (e.g learning skills to start your own business) or something that you truly love doing.

Either way, if money is something on your mind, you should be starting small ventures on the side.

Now this post isn’t about side ventures, this is about looking into the need to “make money from home”.

If you are bored in your job, if you don’t earn enough money, if you don’t have enough freedom or creativity with your work, then I would recommend finding another career.

What are the options

Instead of looking for extra ways to make money online and from home, what you should be looking for is a way to bring your job home.

I am sure you would have heard of remote working or working from home, and actually it is very common today, and very easy to achieve.

It can be as simple as having a conversation with your manager, explaining how you need more time at home and asking if you can work from home.

Start with a day or two per week as a “trial” and then increase accordingly.

This will free up at least 3 hours for most people; the morning commute, your lunch hour, and your evening commute. Relatively speaking, you would then be paid more per hour as well.

I suggest that you could use these 3 extra hours to start learning more about how you can start building your own business.

But what if I can’t work remotely and what about my income?

It might be time to change your career.

If your job does not pay you well, is physically difficult, is not enjoyable, is not a job which you can do remotely or is time consuming and otherwise stressful, maybe it is time to consider changing jobs.

There are many jobs out there that don’t require any formal education and can liberate you to work from home or wherever you please with much more flexibility that pay a lot more than your current job does.

From my experience, the best jobs that give the most freedom are usually the ones that pay more as well.

I would recommend looking at web development.

In fact, anyone looking to start a career or change to a new one, I would highly recommend web development.

You don’t need any qualifications, you just need to demonstrate that you can do the work.

It will give you valuable skills that you can use in business to build digital products or SaaS.

The pay is very good, in London you would expect a web developer to earn somewhere between £30,000 and £120,000 per year.

Finally, you will almost certainly have the freedom to work from home a lot of the time.

There are many areas in web development, so you just need to pick one that works for you.

Personally, I chose frontend-development and I don’t regret it one bit. It is interesting, challenging, well paid and gives me all the skills I need to start my own businesses.

If you’re interested you can find more information on web development here: work-from-home-for-80k-per-year

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, if you haven’t already, and you like the idea of becoming financially confident and changing your life, whether you earn nothing or whether you earn 6 figures a year, be sure to sign up to the newsletter.

By Will Mayger in Careers.
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